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What should be paid attention to when using White Masterbatch?

White always represents purity, so we must pay attention to a lot of things in the process of using it. Just like we wear white clothes, we will pay more attention to wearing white clothes, whether we eat or work. Our White Masterbatch also has precautions, so let's learn what we should pay attention to when using White Masterbatch Item?

1. In order to reduce the color difference of the fiber after color matching, the White Masterbatch should be diluted and the mixing proportion should be controlled. The filament should be no less than 3% ~ 10% and the staple fiber should be no less than 1% ~ 3%. The continuous filament with monochromatic expanded body should be spun with three-color equipment. The White Masterbatch must be input into the extruder after mixing. In order to increase the mixing ability of the melt itself, a mixing device can also be added in the extruder section.

2. The mixing method of white masterbatch is the key to ensure the quality of the product after the color formula of the yarn is determined and the White Masterbatch is evenly distributed in the polypropylene chips before spinning. There are two specific mixing methods. One is the weight method and the volume method. After melting the White Masterbatch in the extruder or at the back, a small extruder is used to inject the polypropylene melt, with good uniformity.

3. When selecting White Masterbatch, it should be selected according to the selection range. Polypropylene masterbatch can be divided into fine denier and coarse denier. Coarse denier White Masterbatch cannot be used for fine denier color matching. When matching, it is necessary to consider the single denier number of spinning fiber and select the same level of White Masterbatch.

4. The selected white masterbatch is the product of the same manufacturer. In order to reduce the cost, the high concentration White Masterbatch should be selected. The pigment of white masterbatch can be divided into high, medium and low grades. When color matching, different grades of White Masterbatch should be properly selected according to the quality requirements of fiber forming. In order to avoid the quality variation of the finished fiber caused by the different light and heat stability of the pigment, the White Masterbatch color with the same light and heat stability level that meets the fiber quality requirements should also be selected during color matching.