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Knowledge of Color Masterbatch details

1、 What is a color master?

Masterbatch is a new kind of special colorant for polymer materials. Simply put, color masterbatch is a kind of aggregate made by uniformly loading super constant pigment or dye into resin. 2、 What are the basic ingredients of Color Masterbatch? The basic components of color masterbatch are: 1. Pigment or dye pigment is divided into organic pigment and inorganic pigment

2、 Carrier carrier is the matrix of color masterbatch.

The special color masterbatch generally selects the same resin as the product resin as the carrier, and the compatibility of the two is good, but the mobility of the carrier should also be considered. 3. The dispersant promotes the pigment to disperse evenly and no longer agglomerate. The melting point of the dispersant should be lower than that of the resin, which has good compatibility with the resin and good affinity with the pigment. Commonly used dispersants are: Polyethylene low molecular wax, stearate. 4. Additives such as flame retardant, brightening, antibacterial, antistatic, antioxidant, etc. are not included in the color masterbatch unless required by the customer. 3、 What are the varieties and grades of Color Masterbatch? The classification methods of Color Masterbatch commonly used are as follows: classification by carrier: PE Color Masterbatch, PP Color Masterbatch, ABS Color Masterbatch, PVC color masterbatch, EVA Color Masterbatch, etc. classification by use: such as injection Color Masterbatch, blow molding color masterbatch, spinning color masterbatch and other special color masterbatch heat-resistant grade is generally compatible with the plastic used for products, and can be safely used under normal temperature. Only in the following cases will cause varying degrees of discoloration, one is that the temperature exceeds the normal range, the other is that the shutdown time is too long. Compared with pelletizing coloring, color masterbatch coloring has the following advantages: coloring and product processing are completed once, avoiding the heating process of pelletizing coloring on plastics, and protecting the quality of plastic products. 4、 Why use color masterbatch? The use of color masterbatch has the following advantages: 1. To make the pigment have better dispersion in the products: color masterbatch is the aggregate made by uniformly loading the super constant pigment into the resin. 2. Ensure the color stability of the products 3. Help to maintain the chemical stability of the pigments 4. Protect the health of the operators 5. Keep the environment clean and do not contaminate the utensils 6. Simple process, easy color change, save time and raw materials