application area应用领域

洗在机Washing machine

PP抗菌高流动内胆料PP anti-microbial high-fluidity liner material

洗衣机透明面板材料TPS Material of washing machine transparent panel TPS

微波炉Microwave oven

PP无卤阻燃材料PP halogen-free flame-retardant material

PP玻纤增强材料PP glass-fiber reinforced material

PP耐热改性材料PP heat-resistance modified material

空调Air conditioner

矿物增强PPMineral reinforced PP

玻纤增强AS(轴流风扇)Glass-fiber reinforced AS (axial fan)

耐候改性PPWeather-resistance modified PP


冰箱抽屉抗菌AS改性材料Refrigerator drawer anti-microbial AS modified material

免喷涂冰箱面板材料Free-spraying material of refrigerator panel

冰箱内胆专业改性HIPS材料Special modified HIPS material for refrigerator liner
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